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Multicultural Books for Children

Picture Books (E)

Adoff, Arnold
Black is Brown is Tan

Monk, Isabell

Atkins, Jeannie
Aani and the Tree Huggers

Montes, Marisa
Juan Bobo Goes to Work

Ben-Ezer, Ehud
Hosni the Dreamer

Olaleye, Isaac
In the Rainfield

Bercaw, Edna
Halmoni’s Day

Oliviero, Jamie
Som See and the Magic Elephant

Cheng, Andrea
Grandfather Counts
Orona-Ramirez, Kristy
Kiki’s Journey

Choi, Sook Nyul
Halmoni and the Picnic

Oppenheim, Shulamith
The Hundredth Name

Choi, Yangsook
Behind the Mask

Pak, Soyung
Sumi’s First Day of School Ever

Cole, Heidi
Am I a Color too?
Paek, Min
Aekyung’s Dream

De Paola, Tomie
The Mysterious Giant of Barletta

Park, Linda Sue
Bee-bim Bop

Dorros, Arthur
When the Pigs Took Over

Peacock, Carol A.
Mommy Far, Mommy Near

Freschet, Gina
Beto and the Bone Dance
Pellegrini, Nina
Families are Different

Garden, Nancy
Molly’s Family

Pinkney, Sandra
Shades of Black

George, Jean C.
Nutik, the Wolf Pup

Roth, Susan
The Biggest Frog in Australia

Gobragh, Erin
Leprechaun Luck
Rumford, James
Nine Animals and the Well

Graham, Bob
Oscar’s Half Birthday

Rylant, Cynthia
Long Night Moon

Harjo, Joy
The Good Luck Cat

Shea, Pegi D.
Ten Mice for Tet

Ho, Minfong
Shute, Linda
Clever Tom and the Leprechaun

Katz, Karen
My First Chinese New Year

Smith, Cynthia L.
Jingle Dancer

Katz, Karen
My First Ramadan

Souhami, Jessica
Mrs. McCool and the Giant Cuhullin

Khan, Hena
The Night of the Moon

Strangis, Joel
Grandfather’s Rock

Lester, Alison
Are We There Yet?

Tarpley, Natasha
Bippity Bop Barbershop

Lin, Grace
Bringing in the New Year

Thong, Roseanne
Round is a Mooncake

Lipp, Frederick
Running Shoes

Waboose, Jan B.

Look, Lenore
Henry’s First-Moon Birthday

Wells, Rosemary
Yoko’s Paper Cranes

Mak, Kam
My Chinatown

Williams, Karen L.
My Name is Sangoel

Metaxas, Eric
Princess Scargo and the Birthday Pumpkin

Wong, Janet S.
Apple Pie 4th of July

Mitchell, Barbara
Red Bird

Woodson, Jacqueline
The Other Side

Mollel, Tololwa M.
The Flying Tortoise

Young, Ed
My Mei Mei

First & Second Grade (EI)

Alphin, Elaine M.
A Bear for Miguel

McNamara, Margaret
The Luck of the Irish

Backstein, Karen
The Blind Men and the Elephant
Rau, Dana M.
Bang, Betsy
The Cucumber Stem
Suen, Anastacia
Loose Tooth

Coerr, Eleanor
Chang’s Paper Pony

Wells, Rosemary
When I Grow Up

Hautzig, Deborah
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Third & Fourth Grade (JX)

Fleming, Candace
Lowji Discovers America

McKissack, Pat
Miami Makes the Play

Giles, Gail
Breath of the Dragon
Milway, Katie S.
One Hen
Hartfield, Claire
Me & Uncle Romie
Say, Allen
Feast of Lanterns

Hill, Anthony
The Burnt Stick

Shea, Pegi D.
The Whispering Cloth

Hill, Kirkpatrick
The Year of Miss Agnes

Schecter, Ellen
Big Idea

Jacobs, Shannon
Song of the Giraffe
Shin, Sun Yung
Cooper’s Lesson
Kesey, Ken
The Sea Lion
Smothers, Ethel F.
The Hard-Times Jar

Levine, Arthur
All the Lights in the Night

Stanley, Diane

Levinson, Riki
Soon, Annala

Stewart, Elisabeth J.
Bimmi Finds a Cat

Littlesugar, Amy
Willy and Max

Talbott, Hudson
Amazon Diary

Look, Lenore
Ruby Lu, Brave and True

Fifth & Sixth Grade (J)

Bruchac, Joseph
Whisper in the Dark

Mukerji, Dhan G.

Boyd, Candy D.
Charlie Pippin
Myers, Walter D.
Cheng, Andrea
Shanghai Messenger
Namioka, Lensey
Half and Half

Colfer, Eoin
Benny and Omar

Nelson, Theresa
And One for All

Corbett, Sue
Free Baseball

Paterson, Katherine
Park’s Quest

Denenberg, Barry
So Far from Home
Pettit, Jayne
My Name is San Ho
Dahlberg, Maurine
Play to the Angel
Radin, Ruth Y.
Escape to the Forest

Dorris, Michael
Sees Behind Trees

Robinet, Harriette
Walking to the Bus-rider Blues

Frazier, Sundee T.
Brendan Buckley’s Universe and Everything in it

Sheth, Kashmira
Blue Jasmine

Gilson, Jamie
Hello my Name is Scrambled Eggs
Smith, Roland
The Last Lobo
Griffin, Peni R.
The Music Thief
Talbert, Marc
The Purple Heart

Kadohata, Cynthia

Yee, Lisa
Millicent Min, Girl Genius

Macmillan, Dianne
My Best Friend, Durc Tran

Yep, Laurence

Mead, Alice
Crossing the Starlight Bridge

Non-Fiction (JNF)

J 296.43 GRE

J 394.261 TOK
The Sound of Kwanzaa

J 297.18 MAR
Muslim Festival Tales
J 394.261 OTT
Celebrate Chinese New Year
J 394.1 ADL
A Picture Book of Jewish Holidays
J 394.2683 TRA
Tet : The New Year

J 394.26 JON
Kids Around the World Celebrate!

J 394.2698 SHA


J 398 DEA
The Boy who Found the Light

J 398.2 UBE
The Puffin Book of Classic Indian Tales for Children

J 398 HAM
The People Could Fly
J 398.2 VIT
The Thread of Life
J 398 JAQ
Bo Rabbit Smart For True
J 398.2 WAL
The Dancing Palm Tree

J 398 KAU
African Village Folktales

J 398.2 YOL
Mightier than the Sword

J 398 NAK
The Naked Bear

J 398.22 YOL
Not One Damsel in Distress

J 398 SHA
More Stories to Solve
J 398.24 MAN
Three Clever Mice
J 398 WAL
A Treasury of Turkish Folktales
J 398.209 GAR
Children of the Dragon

J 398.2094 ENG
English Folktales

J 398.2094 ALT
The Seven Swabians

J 398.2 EAR
Earth Care

J 398.2095 CON
Asian Children’s Favorite Stories

J 398.2 HAM
Her Stories
J 398.2095 WAN
Auntie Tigress
J 398.2 LEA
Irish Fairy tales and Legends
J 398.2097 STO
Stockings of Buttermilk

J 398.2 PEA
Peace Tales

J 398.2098 ALM
Brazilian Folktales

J 398.2 REN
Cajun Folktales

J 398.2098 DEL
Golden Tales

J 398.2 ROC
The Acorn Tree & Other Folktales

J 398.2098 LIT
Little Book of Latin American Folktales

J 398.2 SIE
Multicultural Folktales


J 051 HOP
Days to Celebrate

J 811.54 BRU
Thirteen Moons on a Turtle’s Back

J 297.083 KHA
Muslim Child
J 811.54 SOT
Neighborhood Odes
J 808.81 FAM
A Family of Poems : My Favorite Poetry for Children
J 811.54 WON
A Suitcase of Seaweed

J 811 DAN
Dancing Teepees

J 821.08 WOO
War Cry on a Prayer Feather

J 811 HOO
The Turquoise Horse

J 820.8 KRU
A Pot O’ Gold

J 811.008 ITO
I, Too, Sing America
J 821.08 ADO
My Black Me

J 811.008 PAS
Pass it on

J 897 TRE
The Trees Stand Shining

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