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Adventure Stories

3rd & 4th Grade (JX)
Brown, Jeff Flat Stanley

Stanley becomes flat as a pancake when a board falls on him, but that doesn’t stop him from having lots of adventures.
Series: Flat Stanley

Colfer, Eoin Legend of Spud Murphy Will and Marty dread their librarian, Spud Murphy, but things turn out differently than they imagined.
Series: Eoin Colfer’s Legend Of...
Crum, Shutta Thomas and the Dragon Queen When the princess is kidnapped by the Dragon Queen, Thomas sets out to rescue her.
Delaney, Michael Obi When his owners go on vacation, Obi the gerbil must fend for himself in a big house.
Hopkinson, Deborah Pioneer Summer Charlie Keller's papa is an abolitionist, and he's moving the family to Kansas so he can vote for freedom.  Will Kansas ever feel like home to Charlie?
Jenkins, Emily Toys Go Out Six stories relate the adventures of three best friends, who happen to be toys.
La Fevers, R.L. Flight of the Phoenix Nate begins his training as a beastologist when he oversees the death and birth of a phoenix.
Series: Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist
Levy, Elizabeth Night of the Living Gerbil Sam fears his neighbor is a zombie and plans to bring his dead gerbil back to life.
Morris, Gerald The Adventures of Sir Lancelot the Great Relates the tales of Sir Lancelot, the bravest knight in King Arthur's court.
Series: The Knights' Tales
O'Connor, Barbara The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis Friends Popeye and Elvis look for the source of strange small boats floating down the creek.
Osborne, Mary Pope A Perfect Time for Pandas Jack and Annie are magically transported to China where they visit a panda reserve.
Series: Magic Tree House
Scieszka, Jon Knights of the Kitchen Table When Joe receives a magic book for his birthday, he and his friends travel back to the time of knights and dragons.
Series: Time Warp Trio
Stewart, Paul Fergus Crane A mysterious box that flies into Fergus’ window leads him toward adventure.
Series: Far-flung Adventures
Thompson, Kate Highway Robbery A young boy is asked by the king to help pursue a notorious highwayman.
5th & 6th Grade (J)
Anderson, M. T. Zombie Mommy Lily and her friends try to rescue Lily's mom who has been possessed by a menacing zombie.


True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Charlotte, the only female onboard, learns that the ship’s captain is murderous and the crew rebellious.
Barry, Dave Peter and the Starcatchers Peter sets sail aboard the Never Land, a ship with a mysterious trunk in its cargo hold.
Series: Peter and the Starcatchers
Bosch, P. Name of This Book Is Secret

Two misfits try to stop the evil Dr. L from finding the secret of immortality.
Series: Name of This Book is Secret

Burgis, Stephanie Stolen Magic Kat's initiation into the magical Order of the Guardians is fast approaching, and trouble seems to find her everywhere.
Series: Kat, Incorrigible

Campbell, Eric

Shark Callers Two boys must face a massive tidal wave caused by a volcano in the South Seas.
Chen, Da Wandering Warrior

Luka is trained in the ways of the kung fu wandering warriors by a wise monk.

Couloumbis, A. Misadventures of Maude March

Two sisters escape their guardians and begin an adventure on the Western frontier.
Series: Maude March

Creech, Sharon

Wanderer Sophie records her transatlantic crossing aboard the Wanderer
Crossley-Holland, Kevin Seeing Stone

Arthur recounts how Merlin gave him a magical stone.
Series: Arthur Trilogy

Exquisite The Exquisite Corpse Adventure Twin orphans Joe and Nancy discover their parents are alive and set out on an adventure to find them.

Fleischman, Sid

13th Floor A brother and sister travel back in time and land on a pirate ship captained by their ancestor.
Funke, Cornelia Igraine the Brave

Igraine wants to become a knight.

Gutman, Dan Never Say Genius

Twins Coke and Pepsi face strange assassins at such places as Cedar Rapids amusement park.
Series: The Genius Files

Hobbs, Will

Wild Man Island Andy tries to survive after he is stranded on an island.
Jacques, Brian Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

A boy is rescued from a doomed ship by an angel.
Series: Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

Morpugo, Michael Kensuke’s Kingdom

Michael is swept off his family’s yacht and washes up on a desert island.

Mould, Chris

The Smuggler's Mine Stanley teams up with pirate McDowell to help Stanly uncover the secrets of the Smuggler's Map.
Ninno, Jenny The Stones of Ravenglass Timoken is attacked and forced to leave his castle and flees to the forest with a magic camel and a wizard named Eri.
Pearson, Ridley Disney After Dark

Finn and his friends must stop the witch, Maleficent, from taking over Walt Disney World.
Series: Kingdom Keepers

Pinkwater, Daniel

Bushman Lives! Harold Knishke embarks on an adventure to become an artist and to find out how a famous Lincoln Park Zoo gorilla got his name, Bushman.
Reyes, Laurisa White The Rock of Ivanore

Marcus must partake in the Great Quest by finding the Rock of Ivanore without knowing what it is.

Riley, James

Twice Upon a Time Jack is trying to help a reluctant princess find her family.

Smith, Roland

Cryptid Hunters Grace and Marty are dropped into a jungle in search of their missing parents.
Spratt, R. A. Nanny Piggins and the Wicked Plan

When Mr. Green announces his plan to remarry, his children are afraid of losing their Nanny Piggins.
Series: Nanny Piggins

Stephens, John The Emerald Atlas Orphans Kate, Michael and Emma discover they have magical powers and must protect themselves from a fearsome enemy.
Stewart, Trenton Mysterious Benedict Society Four children are selected for a secret mission that requires them to go undercover at a special school.
Series: Mysterious Benedict Society
Stone, Jeff Tiger Five warrior-monk brothers must use the ancient arts to avenge their Grandmaster.
Series: Five Ancestors
Updale, Eleanor Montmorency Using knowledge he gained in prison, a thief creates a double life for himself.
Series: Montmorency
Weiner, Eliis The Templeton Twins Have an Idea Twins Abigail and John foil a pair of robbers intent on stealing their father's latest invention.
Series: The Templeton Twins

Yolen, Jane

Odysseus in the Serpent Maze Young Odysseus has many adventures involving pirates and satyrs.
Series: Young Heroes
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