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Health & Wellness Websites


Summary - A federal government website detailing the benefits and civil rights available to the disabled, including social security benefits, laws, American with Disability Act enforcement, and how to file complaints. Resources regarding recreation, education, career planning, housing, health, transportation, and technology for the disabled are also available. As a bonus, website users are able to change the text size and color contrast of each web page.

Commentary - The disabled, their caretakers, and those serving the disabled will benefit from the resources and links found on this site. It’s abundant information and straight-forward design, along with the ability to narrow down benefits and resources by state, makes this site a key source in researching resources for the disabled.

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Family Caregiver Alliance

Summary - The Family Caregiver Alliance website provides public policy information, as well as educational and support resources to those caring for loved ones. The organization’s website offers various webinars, workshops, and factsheets, in addition to a state by state resource guide.

Commentary - With its focus on giving caregivers the resources and support necessary to take care of their dependents, as well as themselves, this website will be a much welcomed resource for those caring for loved ones.

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Healthy Children

Summary - With sections entitled Ages & Stages, Family Life, Safety and Prevention, and Tips & Tools, to name just a few, this site from the American Academy of Pediatrics offers parents and caregivers a wide range of health related information for children of all ages.

Commentary - An easy to use resource, this website should come in handy for parents and caregivers looking for reliable health information pertaining to children in their various developmental stages.

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http://es.medicare.gov/ (Spanish version)

Summary - The official government site for Medicare, this site provides information on Medicare (Parts A-D), including eligibility and enrollment, benefits and coverage, and a resource locator. General health information can also be found here. MyMedicare.gov a secure personalized online site for Medicare users can also be accessed from this website (a Medicare number is required). Here, Medicare users can access their personal information regarding their benefits and coverage. The option to enlarge text size is also available.

Commentary - Offering reliable information in an accessible manner Medicare.gov should simplify the Medicare process for seniors. In addition, the website’s Spanish version is a much needed resource in helping to spread this important information.

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Summary - A website from the National Library of Medicine, MedlinePlus provides free access to up-to-date information about diseases and disorders, including their symptoms, treatments, research, and available clinical trials, in addition to covering other health-related issues. Drug and supplement information is also available. Videos and interactive tutorials on diseases, testing procedures, surgeries and treatments are available for free with no registration required.

Commentary - Providing a wide range of readily available and reliable information from various agencies, MedlinePlus can be used by those seeking a quick answer or those seeking a deeper understanding of a health related issue.

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National Council on Aging (NCOA)

Summary - A nonprofit service organization and advocate, the NCOA and its website offer information on improving the health, economic stability, and independence of older Americans. Networking with government and other nonprofit agencies, NCOA provides links to various websites, public policy initiatives, and government programs. Information and advice regarding Medicaid, retirement, and job assistance are just a few of the many types of help users can find on the site. Online workshops are also available through the site (an email address is necessary). An option to increase text size is available on each page.

Commentary - An important resource for older Americans, caretakers, and anyone with an interest in services to this population.

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Orange County Health Care Agency

Summary - Provides access to Orange County health (including mental and environmental) related information, services, and agencies. The site provides general information (clinic locations), in addition to more detailed information for service providers (data and statistics), educators (prevention programs), and those seeking careers in the Health field (certification requirements).

Commentary - Covering everything from birth and death certificates to restaurant inspections and closures, this site is a gold mine for those living in Orange County.

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Summary - Co-created by Dr. Michael Roizen, author of RealAge: Are You as Young as You Can Be? and co-author (along with Dr. Mehmet Oz) of the popular “You” series of books, the RealAge website offers an abundance of health and wellness articles, resources, games, and quizzes. In addition, the site offers the RealAge test which purports to give you the biological age of your body based on how well you’ve maintained it. A brief registration (email address is necessary) is required to access quizzes and tests.

Commentary - With its numerous quizzes, games, and life style articles this website feels like a glossy magazine. Fun and informative.

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State of California website-Health & Safety web page

Summary - Part of the California government website this web page links users to all California health and safety agencies. The site offers several ways to find information; users can utilize the radial map graphic, open up the agency directory, or select from the I Need To: options of frequently requested information, all found on the front page. In addition, there is a small expandable window on the left side of the web page entitled "Health Services" that lists available online services and forms.

Commentary - With an abundance of information to be found and offering several ways to find it, this site serves as the gateway for those seeking information on California health and safety agencies.

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Summary - Staffed by board certified physicians and award-winning journalists, WebMd provides free health and wellness information on everything from diseases to parenting, and offers many interactive tools such as the Personal Diet Evaluator and the Pill Identification Tool. A separate Teen Health web page and Pet Health web page are also accessible from the site. Free weekly newsletters (email address is required) and access to over twenty blogs are available.

Commentary - Its interactive tools and strong online community focus makes WebMD a fun, informative, and easy to use site for people seeking health and wellness information, especially those wanting to connect with others.

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BONUS - Health Statistics & Facts

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Various data and statistics on diseases, emergency preparedness, environmental health, specific populations, safety, travel, and health are readily available through this site. CDC campaign and program information is also available. Includes access to CDC podcasts and a link to the Public Health Image Library (PHIL).

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Kaiser State Health Facts

Choose a state and view their various health information and statistics. Offering free, up-to-date statistics including total population, health spending per capita, health coverage, and much more. A state-by-state comparison tool is also available. From the Kaiser Family Foundation, with all statistics documented and cited.

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World Health Organization (WHO)

Covering the global health of the United Nations, the WHO website provides access to data and statistics, a media center, and WHO publications including the World Health Report. Offers the latest updates on outbreaks, research, policy, and events. The website can be translated into six languages; Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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Healthline provides a comprehensive overview of thousands of health conditions for individuals and/or their loved ones and offers a variety of free educational tools.

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