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Local Legal Information

Orange County Law Library

Summary: Orange County’s law library is free and open to the public.

Commentary: It is a great resource for people doing their own research or wants to access Legal databases and legal information for free. There is no disadvantages to this website it really is a great first step for people looking for legal information.

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Locating the Law Handbook

Summary: This is the locating the law handbook which is published yearly by the Public Access to Legal Information Committee.

Commentary: This is a great free resource that allows the public to read about all aspects of the California law, and breaks down and interprets what that law means for the laymen. The only real disadvantage of this link is that you need to have adobe acrobat reader on your computer, otherwise this is a great resource that explains the law, has a great glossary of legal terms and most importantly is updated regularly.

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State Bar of California

Summary: Official website of the State Bar of California. Great resource for searching for lawyers, filling claims against Lawyers and finding out if a Lawyer is in good standing.

Commentary: This is an excellent resource for anyone who has decided to go beyond self-help and look for a lawyer. It allows you to search for lawyers and has a referral service. Since this is the official website of the State Bar of California, users know that they are getting the most up to date information about California lawyers and there legal ability to practice law in California.

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California Codes

Summary: This website is sponsored by the Legislative Counsel of California. It allows the user to search through all 29 codes of California Law.

Commentary: The website is easy to use and it allows a person to search for any code they like, criminal, water, etec. The information is the actual up to date law, and it is invaluable because it allows California residents to search for California code information from anywhere in the world.

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Municipal Codes

Summary: Municode allows you to search for the municipal code of any city in the United States.

Commentary: Even though this is a fee based website it still has free access to the Municipals Code. This is great because it allows you to look at any city in Orange County at anytime.

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Orange County Court System

Summary: Official website for the Orange County Court System.

Commentary: This website allows you to look at court hours it also has a series of legal forms and allows you to search by person’s name for their legal record, if any for all infractions that occurred in Orange County. It is a very comprehensible website for all matters pertaining to the courts in Orange County, very well organized and easy to find information.

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California Courts System

Summary: Official website for the California Courts System.

Commentary: Excellent resource that has links to Legal forms, information for self help, it explains the legal process and the jury system. Great place to start your legal research.

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California Code of Regulations

Summary: From the office of the administrative law, this website gives full access to the California Code of Regulations.

Commentary: The California Code of Regulations (CCR), is the official compilation and publication of the regulations adopted, amended or repealed by state agencies pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). Properly adopted regulations that have been filed with the Secretary of State have the force of law.

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