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Volunteer Reserve Inspector Program

Purpose of Program

The Volunteer Reserve Inspector Program provides on-the-job fire prevention training to fire science students and fire academy graduates.  The program prepares participants to serve the community as regularly employed fire inspectors, and gives those individuals seeking employment in private industry valuable experience and insight into the public fire agency perspective.

Program Description
Members of the program are volunteer workers only.  They are not deemed to be employees of the City of Orange or of the Fire Department.  Their relationship with the City is solely to serve gratuitously, and does not serve any other purpose.  Members are provided one uniform and proper identification.

Volunteer reserve inspectors assist fire safety specialists and hazardous materials specialists with on-site inspections; assist with investigation of complaints relating to fire hazard conditions; assist in computer entry and researching data; and perform other volunteer duties as assigned, depending upon each individual’s capabilities.  Participants are expected to volunteer eight (8) hours a week on a scheduled basis.

Why Participate?
Local fire departments are looking for entry-level personnel who have augmented their educations with some level of practical experience.  Serving the public and applying fire prevention concepts in the real world are valuable skills.  Modern fire departments devote as much as 50% of their time to fire prevention duties, and private industry is interested in people knowledgeable in fire prevention.  Participants who apply themselves in the program enhance their educations and ability to find employment.

What are the prerequisites?

In order to be considered for the program, applicants must have attained 18 years of age; be enrolled in Fire Science courses and/or a graduate of a recognized fire academy; be willing to work eight (8) hours a week on a scheduled basis; possess a valid California driver license and have a good driving record.  A current ten-year DMV printout must be included with applications.


Application forms may be obtained at the Orange City Fire Department Prevention Section, 176 S. Grand St., Orange, CA 92866. Potential applicants may also download a Volunteer Reserve Inspector Application by clicking the link. The application may be returned at any time with a resume not to exceed two (2) pages. Qualified applicants will be invited to participate in an interview with an oral board.  Participants will then be selected for the program.  Please e-mail Fire Safety Specialist/ Plans Coordinator Wendy Fahey or call her at (714) 288-2541 for additional information.

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