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Public Education

2,570 civilians lost their lives in the United States during 2009 as a result of fire, and 14,100 civilians were injured.  

As grim as these statistics seem, the number of fire deaths is trending downwards. This reduction in deaths and injuries can largely be attributed to public education.

For all of the highly trained firefighters on duty every day, the powerful fire engines, tillered ladder companies and capable dispatch centers, the fire department can only stabilize an emergency incident when the crews arrive on the scene. The first line of defense against fire and other emergencies is the  prevention of the emergency in the first place.  The second line of defense is to minimize any damage or injury through planning and preparing – commonly accepted as part of “prevention.”  The third and final line of defense is the well-maintained equipment and well-trained firefighters. 

In short, the best way to avert disaster is for the public to be trained to avoid hazards in the first place.  This training is accomplished through public education.

Please visit the individual web pages described below for detailed program information and contact numbers:

The City of Orange encourages public education in several ways. Station tours are good opportunities for elementary school children to see how firefighters live, and to learn about fire engines and equipment.

 Fire extinguisher training is offered to local businesses as part of their ongoing fire training. Fire personnel are available to present limited classroom extinguisher training, as well as manipulative practice sessions.

 The City of Orange sponsors fire and police Explorer posts through the Boy Scouts of America. City of Orange Fire Explorer Post 547 has long been regarded as one of the most active and well-trained posts in the area, with many of the members having gone on to become firefighters. Past Orange City Manager Dave Rudat was a Orange City Fire Explorer.

 There are twenty-nine highrise buildings in the City of Orange. These buildings contain built-in safety features, such as firefighter phones, emergency generators, fire pumps, and elevator recall systems. The most important safety features in highrise buildings, however, are the people who live and work in them. Find more details in the highrise safety page.

Eighty percent of fire deaths occur in residences. Practicing home fire safety is crucial to the well being of your family and loved ones. Children can learn to be fire safe by entering our link to the United States Fire Administration’s children’s site. Adults can learn about general fire safety and the City of Orange smoke detector program.

Please visit the specific pages for more detailed information and contact numbers.

Fire death and injury statistics: United States Fire Administration, 2011. http://www.usfa.dhs.gov/statistics/estimates/index.shtm

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