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EMS Manager - Suzy Goodrich

EMS Manager Goodrich is the Orange City Fire Department Manager of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).  

Her responsibilities include the administration and management of all medical programs, paramedic and emergency medical technician (EMT) recertification and ambulance transportation.  Although a non-sworn employee, EMS Manager Goodrich’s position in the organization is equivalent to a division chief and she reports to the operations deputy chief.

EMS Manager Goodrich holds associate, bachelor and master degrees in nursing, with her masters specialty being “emergency and trauma.”  Prior to joining Orange City Fire Department, she worked for over twenty years delivering emergency medical service and performing research related to the delivery of care to trauma victims and pediatric patients.  She has published numerous professional articles, receiving regional recognition on several occasions for her expertise and dedication to the field of emergency medicine. 

EMS Manager Goodrich is also responsible for maintaining the economic viability of the medical programs, which she does through administering the EMS cost recovery program, marketing the Paramedic Subscription Program, researching new medical equipment, overseeing the medical supply acquisition program and  administering the EMS budget.  In addition to providing medical oversight to the Fire Department’s medical programs, she coordinates with the surrounding medical and regulatory community to ensure that Orange is sound in its practices. 

EMS Manager Goodrich constantly blends her wide-ranging knowledge and experience of emergency medicine to ensure the best possible delivery of those services to the residents, businesses and visitors within the City of Orange. 

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