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Staff Officers

Command Staff

Seven chief-level officers form the command staff of the Orange City Fire Department.  The command staff is responsible for integrating the vision of the fire chief and the mission statement of the fire department into the every-day services provided to the community.  The command is also tasked with establishing and maintaining a high level of preparedness for a wide variety of less frequent but possible emergency events.  The fire chief leads the fire department by formulating and communicating his specific vision for the fire department within the more general mission statement of the city.  The fire chief reports directly to the city manager and, as such, is the liaison between the fire department and city management.  The deputy chief of operations commands all of the emergency first-responders on the department -- 108 people total.  The "ops chief" ensures that the Orange City Fire Department provides the best trained personnel, vehicles and equipment possible.  The services deputy chief manages the Fire Prevention Section, departmnental administration and  disaster/terrorism preparedness.  Thirteen employees work under the services deputy chief, including three administrative assistants.  The emergency medical services (EMS) manager is responsible for the management of the Emergency Medical Program.  “Medical aids” comprise approximately 80% of the total number of emergency calls to which the fire department responds. The three shift battalion chiefs command all on-duty emergency response crews when they are on duty. 

All of the chief-level officers execute collateral duties in addition to their primary responsibilities.  



Staff Captains

Three staff captains assist the division chiefs as the training and safety captain, prevention services captain and administrative captain.  As the chief-level officers do, the staff captains carry collateral duties in addition to their primary functions.  The main role of the training and safety captain is to insure that all emergency response personnel on the department are trained to the highest degree possible.  He also spends much time on preparing and administering promotional and probationary exams.  The prevention services captain supervises six safety specialists and acts as the department public information officer.  The administrative captain provides the facilities and personnel with needed equipment and supplies.  He is also responsible for most of the preparation of the departmental budget.


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