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Mission Statements and Fire Department Goals

City Mission Statement:
The City of Orange is committed to excellent service for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Fire Department Mission Statement:
To prevent or minimize the loss of life, damage to the environment and loss of property from the adverse affects of fire, medical emergencies, and hazardous conditions.

Fire Department Vision Statement:

  • We will strive to be role models in the community and leaders in our profession. 
  • We will be accountable to those we serve, each other and any fire service organizations we interact with. 
  • We are committed to providing the best public service through innovative training, education and equipment. 
  • We will take the Fire Department into the future through productive teamwork, open and honest communication, and participative decision-making throughout the organization. 
  • We are committed to our values, mission, and dedicated to our fire service profession. 
  • Our organization is driven to provide a cost-effective and efficient Fire Department while honoring our values, accomplishing our mission, and achieving our goals.

Fire Department Values:

  • Teamwork: Working together to achieve common goals 
  • Integrity: Committed to the highest standard of moral and ethical conduct 
  • Excellence: Demanding the best from ourselves and others

Fire Department Goals 2014-2015:

Provide Leadership and support to enable the Department to accomplish its mission.

Goal 1 - Evolve as an organization to continually meet the needs and demands of our community, citizens and visitors.

Monitor trends within and throughout the fire service to improve efficiency and effectiveness-ONGOING 
Continue to discuss opportunities for consolidation with neighboring agencies-ONGOING 
Measure our performance against established standards and adjust to meet the standards-ONGOING 
Develop “Standards of Cover” document to assess current and future service level needs (NEW) 
Develop “Fire Department Strategic Plan” (NEW)

Goal 2 – Strive to improve communication throughout the organization including internal and external customers.

Utilize varying media to reach out to the citizens and businesses of Orange (website, social media, PR events, public education) -ONGOING 
Improve internal communication (adopt Lexipol EO/GO, develop SharePoint, Conference calls and emails to disseminate important materials, station lunches w/Chief, etc.) -ONGOING 
Reward personnel for completion of duties related to valor, expertise, etc.– COMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
Develop Annual Report–COMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
Develop and implement “Customer Service Survey” –COMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
Improve connectivity at all Fire Stations (NEW) 
Improve feedback to employees through comprehensive Performance Appraisal evaluations specific to their individual need (NEW) 
Recruit, prepare and mentor employees for future assignment within the organization (NEW)

Goal 3 (NEW) – Strive to control program costs through management techniques while maintaining efficiency.

Examine Worker’s Compensation program and determine improvements to prevent and mitigate injuries and streamline the treatment of employees. (NEW)

Provide the highest level of emergency response consistent with identified community needs and expectations. 
Provide challenging training and education that is current and effective, enabling the Department to accomplish its Mission.

Goal 1- Provide rapid response and aggressive intervention for all emergencies to which the Department is called.

Provide for the arrival of a fire company (engine, ladder truck, ambulance) to an emergency (EMS, fire, etc.) within four (4) minutes to 90% of the incidents. -ONGOING 
Provide for standard response time for ambulance unit/entire ALS medical support to arrive within ten (10) minutes to 90% of the incidents. -ONGOING 
Provide an initial full alarm assignment (effective fire force) to an emergency within eight (8) minutes, to 90% of the incidents. Fire responses require significantly more equipment and apparatus than medical responses. -ONGOING 
Provide regular analysis and feedback to personnel on demands for service, response times, etc. -ONGOING 
Develop, identify, and update target hazards and preplans program-ONGOING 
Develop, equip, and train for Active Shooter Incidents (ASI) –ONGOING 
Evaluate the need for an additional rescue ambulance and determine implementation criteria (NEW) 
Plan, develop and implement a signal preemption program throughout the city (NEW)

Goal 2 – Provide current training and mentoring for personnel to meet growing demands of the City and Fire Department.

Conduct training and promotional exams as needed to include Battalion Chief, Fire Captain, Engineer and Firefighter-ONGOING 
Implement Target Solutions training–COMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
Work on consolidation of training policies and procedures with ANA, GGV, FUL/BRE-ONGOING 
Implement new training schedule to reduce out-of-service time-COMPLETE/MAINTAIN

Goal 3 – Improve EMS delivery

Continue paramedic recruitment/training-ONGOING 
Implement medical supply accountability system-ONGOING 
Implement electronic reporting procedures, reporting and billing– ONGOING 
Continue use of the OFD CQI process to improve compliance with new standing orders–COMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
Develop program to enhance paramedic retention and activation (NEW) 
Develop and implement Line EMT-P program in compliance with NWCG requirements (NEW)


Goal 1 – Proactively improve life safety, minimize losses and reduce the risks from fire through; education, application of codes and investigation.

Develop and update preplans program-ONGOING 
Develop and implement electronic plan review-ONGOING 
Liaison with Public Works for hazmat mitigation-ONGOING 
Prepare fireworks argument for 2013 City Council-ONGOING 
Develop and update policies and procedures for Fire Prevention-ONGOING


Goal 1 – Prepare and maintain the documents, facilities and trained personnel to effectively manage and support major incidents / disasters

Provide and track basic and advanced NIMS mandated training to all FD employees that are involved in any type of emergency response to emergencies in the City-ONGOING 
Implement Point of Distribution (POD) system within the City-ONGOING 
Finish Department EOC update-ONGOING 
Research, develop and implement a Hazard Mitigation Plan-ONGOING 
Complete Station 4 generator project–COMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
Fire HQ Security-ONGOING 
Exercise each Emergency Support Function (ESF) in our Orange County Emergency Management Plan (OCEMP) – ONGOING 
Ready crews through participation in exercises to include Golden Guardian, UASI, etc. – ONGOING


Goal 1 - Ensure that all departmental apparatus and facilities are in a safe and proper working order and equipped to meet industry standards.

Develop and maintain our Capital Improvement Program (CIP) aimed at correcting facility and equipment concerns-ONGOING 
Continue to conduct station and equipment inspections to ensure safe working environments-ONGOING 
Develop and secure funding for new Apparatus Room at Fire Station #2 (NEW)

Goal 2 – Provide the appropriate apparatus and equipment needed to meet the increasing demands on the Fire Department and industry standards.

Evaluate all apparatus and vehicles and update CIP to reflect overall department requirements-ONGOING


















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