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Mission Statements and Fire Department Goals

City Mission Statement:
The City of Orange is committed to excellent service for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Fire Department Mission Statement:
To prevent or minimize the loss of life, damage to the environment and loss of property from the adverse affects of fire, medical emergencies, and hazardous conditions.

Fire Department Vision Statement:

  • We will strive to be role models in the community and leaders in our profession. 
  •  We will be accountable to those we serve, each other and any fire service organizations we interact with. 
  •  We are committed to providing the best public service through innovative training, education and equipment. 
  •  We will take the Fire Department into the future through productive teamwork, open and honest communication, and participative decision-making throughout the organization. 
  •  We are committed to our values, mission, and dedicated to our fire service profession. 
  •  Our organization is driven to provide a cost-effective and efficient Fire Department while honoring our values, accomplishing our mission, and achieving our goals.

Fire Department Values: 

  •  Teamwork: Working together to achieve common goals 
  •  Integrity: Committed to the highest standard of moral and ethical conduct 
  •  Excellence: Demanding the best from ourselves and others

Fire Department Goals 2014-2015:


  • Provide Leadership and support to enable the Department to accomplish its mission.

Goal 1 - Evolve as an organization to continually meet the needs and demands of our community, citizens and visitors.

  • Monitor trends within and throughout the fire service to improve efficiency and effectiveness-ONGOING 
  • Continue to discuss opportunities for consolidation with neighboring agencies-ONGOING 
  • Measure our performance against established standards and adjust to meet the standards-ONGOING 
  • Develop “Standards of Cover” document to assess current and future service level needs (NEW) 
  • Develop “Fire Department Strategic Plan” (NEW)

Goal 2 – Strive to improve communication throughout the organization including internal and external customers.

  • Utilize varying media to reach out to the citizens and businesses of Orange (website, social media, PR events, public education) -ONGOING 
  • Improve internal communication (adopt Lexipol EO/GO, develop SharePoint, Conference calls and emails to disseminate important materials, station lunches w/Chief, etc.) -ONGOING 
  • Reward personnel for completion of duties related to valor, expertise, etcCOMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
  • Develop Annual ReportCOMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
  • Develop and implement “Customer Service Survey”COMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
  • Improve connectivity at all Fire Stations (NEW) 
  • Improve feedback to employees through comprehensive Performance Appraisal evaluations specific to their individual need (NEW) 
  • Recruit, prepare and mentor employees for future assignment within the organization (NEW)

Goal 3 (NEW) – Strive to control program costs through management techniques while maintaining efficiency.

  • Examine Worker’s Compensation program and determine improvements to prevent and mitigate injuries and streamline the treatment of employees. (NEW)


  • Provide the highest level of emergency response consistent with identified community needs and expectations. 
  • Provide challenging training and education that is current and effective, enabling the Department to accomplish its Mission.

Goal 1- Provide rapid response and aggressive intervention for all emergencies to which the Department is called.

  • Provide for the arrival of a fire company (engine, ladder truck, ambulance) to an emergency (EMS, fire, etc.) within four (4) minutes to 90% of the incidents. -ONGOING 
  • Provide for standard response time for ambulance unit/entire ALS medical support to arrive within ten (10) minutes to 90% of the incidents. -ONGOING 
  • Provide an initial full alarm assignment (effective fire force) to an emergency within eight (8) minutes, to 90% of the incidents. Fire responses require significantly more equipment and apparatus than medical responses. -ONGOING 
  • Provide regular analysis and feedback to personnel on demands for service, response times, etc. -ONGOING 
  • Develop, identify, and update target hazards and preplans program-ONGOING 
  • Develop, equip, and train for Active Shooter Incidents (ASI) –ONGOING 
  • Evaluate the need for an additional rescue ambulance and determine implementation criteria (NEW) 
  • Plan, develop and implement a signal preemption program throughout the city (NEW)

Goal 2 – Provide current training and mentoring for personnel to meet growing demands of the City and Fire Department.

  • Conduct training and promotional exams as needed to include Battalion Chief, Fire Captain, Engineer and Firefighter-ONGOING 
  • Implement Target Solutions trainingCOMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
  • Work on consolidation of training policies and procedures with ANA, GGV, FUL/BRE-ONGOING 
  • Implement new training schedule to reduce out-of-service time-COMPLETE/MAINTAIN

Goal 3 – Improve EMS delivery

  • Continue paramedic recruitment/training-ONGOING 
  • Implement medical supply accountability system-ONGOING 
  • Implement electronic reporting procedures, reporting and billing– ONGOING 
  • Continue use of the OFD CQI process to improve compliance with new standing ordersCOMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
  • Develop program to enhance paramedic retention and activation (NEW) 
  • Develop and implement Line EMT-P program in compliance with NWCG requirements (NEW)


Goal 1 – Proactively improve life safety, minimize losses and reduce the risks from fire through; education, application of codes and investigation.

  • Develop and update preplans program-ONGOING 
  • Develop and implement electronic plan review-ONGOING 
  • Liaison with Public Works for hazmat mitigation-ONGOING 
  • Prepare fireworks argument for 2013 City Council-ONGOING 
  • Develop and update policies and procedures for Fire Prevention-ONGOING


Goal 1 – Prepare and maintain the documents, facilities and trained personnel to effectively manage and support major incidents / disasters

  • Provide and track basic and advanced NIMS mandated training to all FD employees that are involved in any type of emergency response to emergencies in the City-ONGOING 
  • Implement Point of Distribution (POD) system within the City-ONGOING 
  • Finish Department EOC update-ONGOING 
  • Research, develop and implement a Hazard Mitigation Plan-ONGOING 
  • Complete Station 4 generator projectCOMPLETE/MAINTAIN 
  • Fire HQ Security-ONGOING 
  • Exercise each Emergency Support Function (ESF) in our Orange County Emergency Management Plan (OCEMP) – ONGOING 
  • Ready crews through participation in exercises to include Golden Guardian, UASI, etc. – ONGOING


Goal 1 - Ensure that all departmental apparatus and facilities are in a safe and proper working order and equipped to meet industry standards.

  • Develop and maintain our Capital Improvement Program (CIP) aimed at correcting facility and equipment concerns-ONGOING 
  • Continue to conduct station and equipment inspections to ensure safe working environments-ONGOING 
  • Develop and secure funding for new Apparatus Room at Fire Station #2 (NEW)

Goal 2 – Provide the appropriate apparatus and equipment needed to meet the increasing demands on the Fire Department and industry standards.

  • Evaluate all apparatus and vehicles and update CIP to reflect overall department requirements-ONGOING

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