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Fire Response Statistics

Emergency Response

The Orange City Fire Department responds to a wide spectrum of emergency incidents from eight strategically located fire stations throughout the city.  The goal of the organization is to respond to incidents in a timely manner in order to enable firefighters to stabilize and mitigate emergencies as effectively as possible.  To do this, the department uses the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1710 as a benchmark for response times.  The total response time to an incident begins when the dispatch center receives notification of the emergency and ends when the fire company arrives at the scene of the incident. The Orange Fire Department strives to meet these performance objectives for no less than 90 percent of the time.

The following breakdown illustrates all of the different activities that have to occur to get the responding firefighters to an emergency:

Alarm Answering Time - 15 seconds or less
Alarm Transfer Time - 30 seconds or less
Alarm Processing Time - 60 seconds or less
Turnout Time

·          EMS response: 60 seconds or less

·          Fire and Special Operations: 80 seconds or less
Travel Time -

·          EMS response: 480 seconds or less travel time for the arrival of an advanced life support (ALS) unit at an emergency medical incident, where this service is provided by the fire department provided a first responder with AED or basic life support (BLS) unit arrived in 240 seconds or less travel time.

·         Fire and Special Operations: 240 seconds or less travel time for the arrival of the first arriving engine company (3 personnel)  at a fire suppression incident and 480 seconds or less travel time for the deployment of an initial full alarm assignment (15 personnel) at a fire suppression incident.

480 Second Response Map

240 Second Response Map

The department has built efficiencies into every step of the process to ensure the fastest response times possible.

Run Statistics

The fire department has been responding to a steadily increasing number of emergency incidents over the years.  For example, the fire department ran 10,141 calls for emergency response in 2003.  In 2013,  the department will respond just shy of 13,000 times.  Click here to see the run stastistics for 2013.

Click here to view MetroNet statistics relative to Orange for 2013.
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