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Emergency Medical Services


All Orange City Fire Department first responders are emergency medical technicians (EMT's).  Of those, eleven on-duty personnel are licensed paramedics.  EMT's provide basic life support (BLS) services, while the paramedics perform advanced life support (ALS) procedures.  These procedures include administration of drugs and intravenous fluids, and a wide range of others to treat traumatic, cardiac, medical, environmental, obstetrical and pediatric emergencies.  Emergency medical personnel must comply with Federal, State and County standards of medical care.  The personnel of the Orange City Fire Department train regularly to ensure the highest standard of medical care.

The Orange City Fire Department also provides transportation to the local area hospitals, providing a seamless package of emergency medical care from the scene of the incident to the doors of the hospital.


Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Manager Suzy Goodrich, RN, is responsible for the administration of the EMS Program.  Please see her page
 for a complete description of the range of administrative services she provides.


The Orange City Fire Department took a major step on January 8, 1973 in making the commitment to provide paramedic services to its residents, businesses and visitors.  This decision saves lives to this day by providing immediate medical intervention during life-threatening traumatic and medical incidents.  Prior to bringing paramedicine to the city, firefighters provided advanced first aid taught by the American Red Cross.  The treatment was minimal, with the goal to provide rapid transportation to the hospital to improve chances of survival.  The goal, today, is to stabilize the patient at the scene to the greatest degree possible, with rapid transportation still utilized when appropriate to the situation.

During the nearly forty years of the paramedic program, one can argue that thousands of lives in our community have been saved.  Today, a minimum of fifteen paramedics complement the emergency response crews that respond on emergencies in the community

Retired City Manager Dave Rudat and Retired Captain Tom Thies were graduates of Orange County Paramedic Class 1 and became two of the first seven paramedics within the Orange City Fire Department. Retired Captain Tom Thies served continuously as an active paramedic within the department until his retirement.  He was a major contributor to the paramedic program and is responsible for much of the way we provide service today.

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