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Fire Dispatch

In case of an emergency Dial 9-1-1!
For non-emergencies, dial (714) 633-1313.

The City of Orange entered into a "joint powers agreement" with other cities many years ago for dispatch services.  This agreement was intended to bring the residents, businesses and visitors of Orange the best possible services at the lowest possible cost.  The resulting dispatch center, now known as Metro Cities Fire Authority Communications Center (better known simply as “Metronet”), serves the citizens of seven different cities in Orange County. With a dispatch coverage area of nearly 200 square miles, the dedicated professionals at Metronet are “the first” first responders to over a million citizens in Orange County cities. The dispatchers have completed specialized medical training to allow them to prioritize medical calls for responding fire paramedics and to dispatch the correct emergency units. Equipped with the latest technological advances in computer, radio, and communications equipment, Metronet processes emergency calls for the following cities:

·         Orange
·         Anaheim
·         Fountain Valley
·         Garden Grove
·         Huntington Beach
·         Newport Beach
·         Fullerton

Metronet dispatchers are assisted by advanced computer equipment specially designed to identify the exact location of the calling party. The location information is then cross-referenced with the closest available fire department unit to the respective area using a global positioning satellite (GPS) system. This allows Metronet to dispatch the closest available fire department resources required for a given emergency call. The GPS system reduces the response time and expedites emergency service when seconds can mean the difference between life and death. After dialing 9-1-1, Metronet dispatchers ask a series of standard questions to determine the exact nature and severity of the emergency.  Here is a list of some of the questions and information that could be requested from the dispatcher:

·         What is the exact location of your emergency?
·         What is your telephone number?
·         Can you tell me exactly what happened?
·         What is the age of the patient?
·         Is the patient male of female?
·         Is the patient conscious?
·         Is the patient breathing? 

Once the dispatcher has acquired this information, he or she determines the appropriate response of emergency fire department units. Should you have to call 9-1-1, never hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so.  Continuing to gather information over the telephone while firefighters respond allows the firefighters to get right to work when they arrive instead of having to spend valuable time figuring out what is going on.  Regardless of the type of emergency, Metronet dispatchers are capable of meeting the needs of the public in the most efficient manner.  Make the right call during an emergency.  Call 9-1-1!

Please visit the
Metronet 9-1-1 Communications Center website for more detailed information.

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