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Paramedic Subscription Program

Paramedic Subscription Program

The Paramedic Subscription Program, an official program of the Orange City Fire Department, is a voluntary membership program that improves the quality of emergency medical services right here in our own community. As a member of the Paramedic Subscription program you receive:

  • No “out-of-pocket cost” for paramedic and emergency ambulance service provided by the Orange City Fire Department. Please see note below.
  • Coverage for the residents of your entire household, anywhere in the City of Orange (emergency ambulance transportation is allowable to approved hospitals outside of the City).
  • Umbrella coverage for visitors who suffer an emergency medical incident at a Paramedic Program household.

Since its inception in 1995, the Paramedic Subscription Program has subsidized funding for additional paramedics, advanced training, and emergency medical equipment. Funding from this program has assisted paramedics in all eight Orange City fire stations.Within the coming year, Paramedic Program subscriptions will help fund enhancements to the emergency transportation program with the addition of an Ambulance Operator Program. Your membership helps firefighters and paramedics respond as quickly as possible, and save lives using state-of-the-art medical equipment,. All residents of the City of Orange are eligible to join.

Your $48 annual membership fee covers you and everyone living in your residence. By joining the Paramedic Subscription Program, you and your entire household are protected from the unexpected expenses associated with emergency paramedic treatment and ambulance transportation. Your membership fee helps to improve the quality of paramedic service right here in the City of Orange. Support a program that may someday save the life of your neighbor, a loved one, or even yourself!

For further information regarding the Paramedic Subscription Program:

Please call (714) 288-2534 or (714) 744-2243 or E-mail us at Orange City Fire Department.

Click here for a Paramedic Subscription Flyer.

Membership at a reduced rate is available for those who qualify based upon 2008 H.U.D. "50% Limit/Very Low" income levels, or other criteria listed on the Certification of Exemption Application. Click here for the Exemption Application form.

Click here for a full list of Terms and Conditions

Click here for a full list of Terms and Conditions.

Note: Some Insurance policies and Medi-Cal plans provide "payment in full" coverage for emergency paramedic treatment and ambulance transportation. If you have this type of coverage, you are already protected against “out-of-pocket” expenses so there is need to for you to enroll in the Paramedic Subscription Program. However, even if you are covered by such a policy, you may still wish to join the Paramedic Subscription Program to provide coverage for visitors and other members of your household who may not have the same coverage.

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