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Welcome to On-Line Renewals...the easy, convenient, and secure method of paying your Business License Renewal on-line. No need to calculate your tax – when you enter your gross receipts, the system will calculate the tax for you!

You can also use the link below to update your account information, pay an outstanding balance, and in some cases, close your business license.

Getting Started:

You need:
 -  Business License Account number 
 -  Security Code from your Renewal Notice (find it under "Total Due").

You may not be able to renew on-line if:
 -  important information such as a Resale #, Driver's License #, Tax ID #, or State License # is missing from your account 
 -  tenant lists, service provider lists, copies of updated state/county licenses, or other documentation is needed (check the Remarks on your renewal notice)
 -  you are tax exempt
 -  your account is more than 3 months delinquent.

Read the FAQs below for more information about this service, or about how to obtain a Security Code.
When paying on-line you may use either Visa or MasterCard for your payment.

If you’re ready to startclick here and follow the simple directions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I get a Security Code?

Can I change my Business License information on-line?
I changed my business address and now can’t pay my renewal. What do I do?

How early can I pay my renewal?

Why was my on-line account access denied?

Can I renew on-line if my Business License is past the Penalty Date? 
We are Tax Exempt.

Can we renew on-line?

Can I close my Business License on-line?

What is the maximum amount I can pay on-line?

How to Contact us

How do I get a Security Code?
The Security Code can be found on your Business License Renewal Notice, under “Total Due.” If you do not have your Renewal Notice with you, call (714) 744-2270 and have your Federal Tax ID number ready, or the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number – whichever one is usually listed on your Renewal Notice.

Can I change my Business License information on-line?
Yes. However, please make your changes before the Penalty Date, as some changes may lock you out of the payment process.
You may update your mailing address, phone numbers, or email address, then continue to pay your business license renewal.
If you change your business name your account will be locked until it is reviewed and updated by City Staff. It may take up to 1 business day before your account is unlocked and you can finish paying your on-line renewal, so please allow time for this to be taken care of before the Penalty Date.
If you change your business address in Orange, your account will be locked until this is reviewed and approved. A $5.00 “Move Fee” will be added to your account. Your address change will either be approved and your account unlocked within 1 business day so that you can complete your transaction, or you will be sent an email asking you to apply for Zoning/Planning approval for the new location. Please do not wait until the Penalty Date to make this type of change.
You cannot change ownership on-line. A new owner will need to apply for a new license. Please do not change the Primary Contact's home address to a mailbox or to a business address. This will not be accepted.

How early can I pay my renewal?
Your license must be in “renewal status”. This occurs about 3 weeks before the expiration date.

Why was my on-line account access denied? 
Check your renewal notice. Is it asking for missing information? If so, you cannot renew on-line until you provide this information.
Is it asking for documentation such as service providers, Sellers Permit, state license, etc? Fax these in to (714) 288-2170 and include a note asking us to give you access to your on-line account.

Can I renew on-line if my Business License is past the Penalty Date? 
Yes, you can renew on-line up to 6 months past the Penalty Date. Late penalties of 25% per month are added to delinquent accounts. A $50 Non-Compliance Fee is added to accounts that are 4 or more months delinquent

We are Tax Exempt. Can we renew on-line? 
No, on-line renewals can only be done when there is a tax payment involved.

Can I close my Business License on-line? 
If your business license has a FLAT TAX ONLY, you may close your Business License on-line, but only if you did not continue to work in the City after the expiration date of your license, and there is no prior balance to be paid. If you worked in Orange after your expiration date, call (714) 744-2270 for extra help with this. If you pay a Gross Receipts Tax, you CANNOT close your Business License on-line. You must send in your signed paper renewal notice, with the required tax calculations.

What is the maximum amount I can pay on-line? 
The maximum credit card payment we can accept is $5,000.

How to Contact Us 
If you have a question, call (714) 744-2270, or send us an email.
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