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Plans & Reports

The Redevelopment Agency is subject to a number of reporting requirements. Within six months of the end of each Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30), the Agency must prepare an Annual Report that describes the various projects and activities undertaken by the Agency during the past Fiscal Year. The Report also includes an Audited Financial Statement prepared by an outside accounting firm. The next Annual Report will be prepared and presented to the Agency Board of Directors in December 2006.

Since 1994, the Redevelopment Agency must also prepare a Five-Year Implementation Plan that describes specific goals, objectives, programs, and expenditures that it plans to undertake over the next five-year period. In the third year of the five-year plan, a Status Report must be prepared that describes the progress made toward meeting those goals.  The most recent Five-Year Implementation Plan was prepared and adopted by the Agency Board of Directors in 2005.

In 1997, the Orange City Council believed it was extremely important to amplify and refine the goals, objectives, and planned activities of the Redevelopment Agency beyond those described in the adopted Redevelopment Plans. The result was the preparation and adoption of the Economic Development Strategy and Work Plan in 1998 (“Strategy”). The Strategy identified eight “Opportunity Areas” within the larger Redevelopment Project Areas in which economic development/redevelopment efforts would be focused over the next several years. Since 1998, a majority of the strategies outlined in the document have been achieved.  An updated list of strategies will be included in an Economic Development Element that is being prepared as part of an overall update of the City's General Plan.

The City of Orange 2010 General Plan serves as a blueprint for growth and change in the community through the year 2030.  The General Plan addresses the full range of City services and quality of life issues.  Economic Development objectives and activities are addressed in the  Economic Development Element.  Housing programs, demand, and opportunity sites are addressed in the  Housing Element (20mb PDF).  The character of the City's major commercial corridors is addressed in the  Urban Design Element.
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