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Satiago Creek Trail - June 7, 2001

Area 1 – Creek banks from Orange/Santa Ana boundary to the 55 Freeway
Community Meeting Notes

Approximately 20 people attended this meeting in Conference Room C at Orange City Hall. Roger Hohnbaum, Assistant City Engineer, opened the meeting by providing a brief update of prior meetings for this trail. He noted that this is the third meeting held to address a trail along this section of Santiago Creek. At the first meeting, participants were asked to identify their interests and concerns, and at the second meeting they were asked to plot a trail alignment. The City’s consultant, KFM Engineering is preparing the construction plans, based on community input provided at the last meeting. The plans are now about 50% complete. This meeting is an opportunity for the community to review the plans, to make sure the design is consistent with the desires expressed at previous meetings. The consultants are working to expedite completion of plans to meet funding deadlines.

Ed Miller, of KFM Engineering, summarized the project and pointed out some areas where he is working to address specific design concerns. The interim crossing of Santiago Creek in the Hart Park parking lot still requires additional consideration. The ultimate plan is to have a bridge crossing, but until the City can obtain additional funding, there will be an at-grade crossing through the parking lot. He is currently showing the bike trail on the north side of Santiago Creek, passing under the Glassell Street bridge, and coming down into the creek bed via the existing vehicular access ramp. Pavement delineators or curbs would separate bicycles from cars on the ramp. In the creek bed/parking lot, he shows the trail striped near the center of the parking lot, above the low flow line, then cutting across to the existing pedestrian ramp from the parking lot to the south side of the park. The meeting participants expressed safety concerns about the bikeway alignment in the parking lot, and suggested alternatives. One possibility is an alignment of the bike lane to the far south side of the parking lot, adjacent to the existing retaining wall. Another is to modify the parking lot, to provide parallel parking on the south side of the lot, in the area between Glassell Street and the existing ramp. Ed will look into these alternatives and refine the plans.

Bike trail surface was also discussed. In the areas where the trail is existing, there would be no change. In Hart Park, the project would widen the existing sidewalk, utilizing the same material that exists (concrete). In areas where the bike trail is to be constructed, the City is looking into using a product called “road oyl”, because it has a more natural appearance than asphalt or concrete. We still have to look into its durability, because the trail may also serve as a maintenance road in some areas, where the surface will have to hold up to some truck traffic.

A comment was made about widening the sidewalks in the park. Could bike wheels get stuck in the pavement joint? KFM will look into a design detail to avoid such a problem.

There was a question about the Cambridge underpass, and the bikeway gradient. Ed noted that it will be designed to comply with ADA requirements, with an 8.33% maximum slope.

The bikeway will pass under the Rock Creek bridge with no effect on the bridge.

A comment was made about the apartment complex east of Tustin St. that backs up to the creek. At times its pool overflows into the creek, and the project design should make sure that the bike trail is not impacted by the pool overflow.

The point along the creek bank, east of Tustin Street, where the trail could be impacted by existing parking lots was discussed. Participants were concerned that property owners be contacted to see if encroachments were permitted. Ed responded that the project could build a retaining wall to avoid existing conflicts.

Meeting participants asked about City priorities for future funding: Would the City extend the trail or add amenities? Roger responded that the City has just applied for additional grant funds for the purpose of building a bridge, to replace the interim crossing in the Hart Park parking lot.

They also asked about the timetable for construction. Roger noted that the next steps are to obtain permits from the Orange County Flood Control District, and to submit environmental documents and design plans to Caltrans. We hope to go out for bids in July or August. We could possibly begin construction in October, with construction taking 1-2 months to complete. Roger also noted that no work can take place in the channel itself from October 15 – April 15, during the rainy season. This would affect the timing of construction on the Cambridge under-crossing.

Those attending the meeting asked when their next opportunity would be to see the plans. Roger responded that the City could hold another meeting or make plans available upon completion.

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