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Public Comments - January 25th, 2001

January 25, 2001
Meeting location: Linda Vista Elementary School
Santiago Creek Master Plan

On Thursday, January 25, 2001 the City of Orange and National Park Service (Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program) staff conducted workshops to collect initial responses to the suggestion that a greenway master plan be prepared for Santiago Creek. Meeting notification consisted of sending written notice to all owners of property located within 300 feet of the creek, and running announcements on the city’s world wide web site and local cable television access channel. Following is a complete listing of public comments generated in those workshops. The January 25 meeting was held at Linda Vista Elementary School, with approximately 30 participants divided among four break-out groups.


Emergency Phones

Rail fencing (no chain-linked)


Dog bags

Clean horse droppings

Inspect during any construction

Properties intrusion


Flood protection

Fire Department access


Setbacks from existing dwellings for safety.

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Natural habitats

No concrete channels

No lighting

Protecting habitat

Bird sanctuary

Wildlife preservation


Water flow

Greenway development

Open space

Bike trails

Restrict new development

Parks along trail

No commercial properties

Provide views

Roadway beautification

Residence view protection

Keep natural beauty

Protect historic sites

Protect wildlife

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Connect to Santa Ana River trail

Horse trail

Natural rail surface

Multi-use recreational trails

Trails on both sides of creek

Creek crossing

Wet weather use

Natural park area

Keep area wild for wildlife.

Full link to parks



Litter removal

Passive appearance

No pavement

Leave the area as is. People bring problems

Proposed trail is too close to my property

Erosion control

Hitch rails for horses

Horse access for drinking creek water


No motorized vehicles

Wide trails

Leashed dogs on trails

Access to trail from parking lots at various points


Smooth pavement.

Bike trail

Walking rollerblading trail

Flood control

Bird watchers

Alignment of trail to flood plain

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Property protection.

Iincreased foot bike and motor vehicle traffic

Protect public access to homes

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Progress updates
Villa Park and Santa Ana input
Involve landowner, governments & major regulators in planning process
I am really pleased to know that the City of Orange is joining with other cities to build something so worthwhile for all the citizens of Orange County – this is a good start!
How long will construction take
Approval process for the final plan
 Maintenance & care
Adopt-a-trail program
Increased recreation
Hours of operation
Natural environment
Water quality
Proper drainage

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Group comments at conclusion of workshop

Things that worked

  • Liked brainstorming format; free form.

  • Good to ask for public input up front.

Need to improve, change or elaborate

  • Provide coffee.

  • Want to ensure that public input throughout process is reflected in final product.

  • Provide results of workshops and opportunity for feedback on web site.

  • Provide means for notifying adjacent residents – go to their homes.

  • Provide information on available funding, potential funding sources.

  • Broadcast updates on Channel 6 (local cable access channel).

  • Host public field trip or site visits.

  • Invite “case study” representatives to meetings; i.e., Serrano Creek, Santa Clarita River.

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Additional comments submitted by individual participants

  • Thank you for having this meeting. (J.U. & J.J.U.)

  • This is excellent! Hope you really take these comments to heart, and that City Council listens. (A. & S.C.)

  • Glad to have been able to attend. Felt pace of meeting was just right – didn’t get bored or restless. (S.T.)

  • Thanks for asking for our input! The handouts (especially the brochure with the map) were good. The Huntington Condo Association would like the city or county to assume maintenance for the natural park at the Walnut cul-de-sac and the natural area bordering the trail along the Huntington development. (J.K.)

  • Thank you for including us – we are very interested in the progress and being kept informed. We appreciate your consideration of those of us in close proximity to the creek. (G. & K.W.)

  • Would like to see the decisions associated with the schedule for creation and final plan and implementation. (M.H.)

  • Please update homeowners who live on the flood control Santiago River bed. (M. & R.J.)

  • Try to keep recreational open space RECREATIONAL OPEN SPACE and keep it that way for generations to come. Trees and grass are always more beautiful in abundance, let’s plant some more. KEEP THE PUBLIC INTEREST INVOLVED!!! (R.D.L.)

  • Interested in horse trails, wildlife/habitat preservation. (P.W.)

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