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Public Comments - January 24th, 2001

January 24, 2001
Meeting location: Orange City Hall
Santiago Creek Master Plan

On Wednesday, January 24, 2001, the City of Orange and National Park Service (Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program) staff conducted workshops to collect initial responses to the suggestion that a greenway master plan be prepared for Santiago Creek.Meeting notification consisted of sending written notice to all owners of property located within 300 feet of the creek, and running announcements on the City’s world wide web site and local cable television access channel. Following is a complete listing of public comments generated in those workshops. The January 24 meeting, at Orange City Hall, included approximately 45 participants, who were divided into seven break-out groups.

Individual thoughts

  • Need to get county assessor parcel map for length of the creek.
  • Motorized vehicles (mopeds, etc.) to be prohibited?

Safety and Security

Vandalism and graffiti


Security – entire length lighted?

Dog bag stations

Safety – Flood

Private propety

Crosing of motorists and street crossings

User group education Reservoir - bond pits


SurveillanceSide by side trails

Brown water

Orange Park Acres access to creek trails

HomelessSafety of adjacent property owners and residents

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Acquire existing open areas

Preservation existing open space

Purchase railroad property to expand

Keep greenway undeveloped

Paved and/or natural bikeway, trail surfaces

Expand trail loop

Links to creek

Horse trail

Multi-use trail

Connectors to parks with restrooms

Connect with Santa Ana River trail, Irvine Park, Santiago Oaks Park, Yorba Park, Grijalva Park at Santiago Creek, bird sanctuary and Cleveland National Forest

Path through Hart Park and Handy creek


Running and walking trails

Portable toilet facilities

Lighting, landscaping, irrigation

Picnic areas

Concrete channels at all costs.

Get rid of the parking lot at the creek by the drug treatment hospital


Maintenance and care

Southern Pacific Railroad right of way for Tustin Branch

Community spiri

Local access

Community-city-county-state systems

Overnight campsites

Return water to creek and enhance ground water recharge

Wildlife species

Paint ball area

Automatic lightis

Bike and hiking trail connecting to Santa Ana River and Santiago Canyon Road

Nice place to walk

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Natural resources, landscaping & aesthetics

Natural look

Habitat restoration

Wildlife encouraged

Don’t channelize the creek

Landscape buffer near residences

Access to natural open space and habitat

Nature education

Nature center

Interpretive exhibits/signs for natural and cultural resources

Preserve gravel pits

Bird habitat

Preserve environmental, historical, and recreational resources of creek; maximize open space

Natural environment and plantings

Preserve open space



Flood control


Landscape enhancement

Restore indigenous vegetation


Restore degraded creek sections (naturalize).

Stabilize Santiago Creek water flow

Prevent fires [through] proper landscaping

Use endemic plant species, not exotics


Oak, liquidambar, maple, etc. trees

Tree lined lane

Tree lined trailway, lighted at night.

Provide several shaded areas.

Chain link and other fencing should be removed to improve aesthetics along the creek.

Keep creek natural, keep large oak trees.

Use native plants and require guarantees from contractors who plant as to the survivability of the plants.

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Current taxes at Sycamore Crossing

Flood insurance

Bond referendum

Public ownership


Financial concerns of cost

Funding advocacy program

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Expedite project

Community volunteers

Inter-city cooperation

No industrial uses on creek

General plan and zoning



Grant applications

Televise meetings

Residents' mail list

No building

Rehab gravel mining

Adverse encroachment

Citizen oversight monitoring committee

Rresponsible public access/use

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Save northeast Orange

Best idea I have heard in years as a resident of Orange

Central Orange County quality of life


Control graffiti

Beautification of Prospect

Erosion protection

Remove concrete



Property values


Property rights

Public meetings

Trail development

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Group comments at conclusion of workshop

Things That worked

  • Breakout/brainstorming maximized opportunities for input.

  • Meetings provide opportunity to see that some consensus exists.

  • Present project process at summit -- advertise; invite media.

  • Important to have unconstructed aired/visioning.

  • Continue public process.

Need to improve, change or elaborate

  • What will happen to input?

  • Let people know ahead of time that input will be heard; give time to prepare for meeting.

  • Encourage folks to visit the site (creek).

  • Case study information to present at meetings; maybe add meetings and workshops.

  • Include stakeholders in public meetings: Orange County Water District, Orange City Fire Department, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Army Corps of Engineers, etc.

  • Record meetings and/or broadcast meetings on cable television.

  • Have question and answer panel.

  • Have reference materials available.

  • Address cost of project; who will pay?

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Additional comments submitted by individual participants

  • I would like to receive information on this project and a summary of community input. (G.K.)

  • Great process! Must do this now before we lose opportunities. (S.R.)

  • I’m behind you 100 percent. (D.E.C.)

  • This was a good forum for soliciting public input. I trust that the ideas generated will be carried forward throughout the process. (K.S.)

  • Great idea – Great idea; God speed; Good meeting. (M.B.)

  • Good start. (D.P.)

  • I would like to see City Planning initiate a landscaping plan so that native trees and plants are not only for greenways but to be a city wide development requirement, i.e.: the winning contractor for freeway on-/off-ramp landscaping use native tress and not ice plant, lantana and palm trees; that Rock Creek Park incorporate native landscaping; that major developers be required to use native landscaping like Irvine Co., Fieldstone, Koll Co. (A.P.)

  • I’m excited about the idea and hope that it becomes a reality. (D.C.)

  • I don’t think it made it into the list but we need to do watershed education that reaches out to communities whose runoff drains into the creek. (P.M.)

  • Wonderful! Go slowly, carefully, and keep these kinds of folks involved. The groups, combined, just about covered it all! Now – provide us all with the comments, at least in summary. Thanks! (T.A.)

  • A well run and facilitated meeting. Glad to see “Ground Rules” established. We liked the wording of the concept in the brochure. Very well stated. (R. & G.C.)

  • Living just four houses from the creek bed on east Palm, I’m deeply interested in the possibilities of a trail/park this close to home and the positive influence on property values in northeast Orange along this bed. There is more usable park space on the edge of the “stream” than all open space in Orange (west of the hills) combined. Keep me informed. (D.H.)

  • Very good exchange of ideas and concerns. (W.K.)

  • Excellent ideas voiced, good cross section of user groups, well organized. (C.M’N.)

  • The Santiago Creek Greenway will be one of the most popular “attractions” or recreational facility in Orange County. It’s about time that the process has been moved to a higher priority through these meetings! Thank you NPS for your help on this. (H.D’C.)

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