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Site Plans

A site plan is required for all projects. The site plan shall be accurately prepared according to a standard architectural or engineering scale no smaller than 40:1 scale and include a north arrow. All portions of the site should be adequately detailed and dimensioned so that no portions remain blank. Plans are to include the following information.

1) Project data including:

(a) Project address, assessor’s parcel number, tract, and lot number.

(b) Project contact’s name, business or mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

(c) General Plan land use designation, allowed floor area ratio or density, and current Zoning District.

(d) Total lot size in square footage and acres (existing and proposed).

(e) Existing and proposed use including floor area of each building on-site.

(f) For residential projects, residential unit type and mix including the number of bedrooms per unit.

(g) A complete tabulation of required on-site parking based on the code requirement for each use by gross floor area.

(h) The total number of existing and proposed parking spaces including a breakdown of handicapped accessible spaces per building.

2) The “occupancy type”, building code “yards”, fire sprinklers for floor area increases, and “type of construction” of all existing and proposed buildings.

3) Identify each building to be sprinkled or non-sprinkled.

4) The exterior wall and roof materials for all existing and proposed buildings.

5) Include and correctly dimension all perimeter and interior property lines and indicate which lines will be removed or created and by what process (i.e. lot line adjustment, lot consolidation, parcel merger, etc.).

6) Depict the location and dimensions of all existing and proposed easements and all property to be dedicated to the City for street, corner cutoff, or other purposes (contact the Public Works Department at (714) 744-5525 with questions).

7) Dimension all existing and proposed buildings on the site and depict the footprint and square footage of all structures to be demolished or removed.

8) Include and dimension all existing and proposed landscape and building setbacks.

9) Show and fully dimension all landscape areas, loading zones, drop-off areas, trash enclosures, and the location of all existing and proposed utility meters and services including transformers.

10) Show the height, location, and construction type of all existing and proposed fences or walls.

11) Fully dimension the proposed parking and disabled access routes including the location and width of driveways, drive aisles, parking space dimensions, pedestrian and designated access walkways, and the locations of drive approaches serving development on adjacent parcels and those across the street.

12) Dimension and label all abutting streets and alleyways (from street/alley centerline to curb, centerline to property line, and curb to property line) as well as the location of all driveways, streets and alleys intersecting into abutting streets and alleys.

13) Show all existing improvements in the public right-of-way abutting the project including driveways, sidewalks, street trees, water meters, utility boxes, fire hydrants, street lights, traffic control devices, public transportation stops, etc.

14) Show and label all on and off-site fire hydrants within 500 feet of the project site, along with existing and proposed Fire Department access lanes (fire lanes), if the building footprint will change or if there is a new structure. Indicate whether hydrants are public or private.

15) Provide the distance between the project and all buildings within 100 feet of the site and label their type of construction, size, use, height, and roof construction if existing building size changes or a new building is proposed.

16) For Old Towne projects exceeding one story in height please provide information about the architectural style, bulk and mass, roof form and height, number of stories, building alignment and streetscape pattern of properties in the immediate vicinity of the project site. This information should be represented on a site plan and street elevation, and will be used to assess how the project will be processed environmentally. Click here to view a Sample Site Plan.

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