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Santiago Hills II and East Orange Planned Communities

Project Status

On November 8, 2005, the City Council completed the public hearing process and approved the Santiago Hills II (SHII) and East Orange (EOPC) Development project. This included certification of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), approval of the General Plan Amendment (GPA) for SHII/EOPC, and adoption of amendments to the SHII Planned Community and initial adoption of the East Orange Planned Community text. The City Council also approved a Development Agreement that covers the entire SHII/EOPC project. A Runoff Management Plan (ROMP) was adopted that addresses both storm water runoff and water quality improvements for project runoff. Three Tentative Tract Maps (TTM) (view maps here) were approved that cover development in all of SHII and Area 1 of East Orange. An approved set of Design Guidelines will detail both architectural and landscape improvements for the project area. The City Council also approved a Conditional Use Permit that creates a 128-unit affordable rental housing project for low-income families. As part of the final vote on the project, the City Council voted to change the land use in East Orange Area 3 from residential to open space. This action converted 45 acres to open space and eliminated 50 homes. A second reading for the three ordinances was completed by the City Council on November 22, 2005.

Two of the TTMs cover the entire 496-acre SHII project area. They will permit the construction of 1,596 homes, ranging from traditional single-family homes to condominiums. An additional 46 dwellings were approved as a density bonus for the affordable housing project. Notable open space features include preservation of a knoll that adjoins Chapman Avenue/Santiago Canyon Road, preservation of riparian habitat, and native open space areas that adjoin Irvine Park that will be offered to the County of Orange. Two neighborhood parks will be constructed to serve the local residents. Both unpaved and paved trails will provide a backbone system and connect to future phases of development.

The third TTM covers development in East Orange Area 1. This is located easterly of the SR 241/261 and north of Santiago Canyon Road. The overall acreage for this TTM is 426 acres with a total of 1,024 homes, ranging from traditional single-family homes to townhomes. Notable features include a 20-acre sports park, two neighborhood parks, with preservation of additional native open space that adjoins the NCCP reserve. A comprehensive trail system that connects from SHII and will extend to East Orange Area 2 will be constructed.

The final TTM (TTM 17185) that encompasses East Orange Area 2 was submitted by the property owner in 2007 and approved by the City Council on March 25, 2008.  The area is generally located north of Santiago Canyon Road, easterly of Irvine Lake.  A total of 785 acres is covered under the TTM and would permit up to 1,200 residential homes, ranging from single-family detached homes to attached townhomes.  No public parks are located within the study area, but public hiking, biking, and equestrian trails will link up with regional trail systems.  With the approval of TTM 17185, all of the residential development areas in SHII/East Orange have approved tentative maps.

In February 2006, the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) approved an annexation request from the property owner to annex Santiago Hills II and East Orange Area 1 into the City of Orange. East Orange Area 2 is still located in unincorporated area. 

Project Location

The SHIIPC is generally located east of Peters Canyon Regional Park, Jamboree Road and the existing Santiago Hills Phase I development, west of Eastern Transportation Corridor (SR241/261), and south of Irvine Regional Park. The EOPC is generally located east of SR241/261, southwest of Irvine Ranch Land Reserve (IRLR), and north of the Nature Reserve of Orange County (NROC), north and south of Santiago Canyon Road.

Next Steps

Developing the land in SHII and EOPC will be a complex undertaking that is regulated through a number of different documents. There are numerous requirements at each stage of the development process, from a Final Tract Map, to grading of the project site, issuance of building permits, and to the final certificate of occupancy. An EIR was certified for the entire development project, and one component of that document is the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP). There are mitigation measures that will be fulfilled at each stage of development. Conditions of approval were attached to each Tract Map, and these will also be fulfilled at each stage of development. Further, the development is still subject to the ordinances and laws that the City of Orange, as well as other affected State or Federal agencies, apply to development. Some lots in the approved Tract Maps were large lots that will require a further Tentative Tract Map before development can occur.

The next major steps in the implementation of the project include issuing grading permits and finalizing the tract maps.

Current Activities

While many of the project's implementing actions are internal submittals of plans and programs, the purpose of this section is to detail, as much as possible, what activities citizens may see occurring at the property.

Currently, there are no active construction projects in the Santiago Hills II/East Orange area and the property owner does not have any applications on file with the City. 

For additional information regarding the East Orange Project, please contact the Planning Division at (714) 744-7220.

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