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Hometown Heroes

Orange is proud to recognize its Hometown Heroes! These notable individuals and organizations are leading the Orange Goes Green! charge. They have proven themselves through action and commitment to our community’s sustainable future. Big thanks to…

Farmer’s Grow-Wild!

Your Amazing Kids

Tree Lovers

Innovative Business

Farmer's Grow-Wild!

If you crave the snap of a great carrot, the munch of a fresh fist-full of nuts, or you just want to catch a few rays with your friends, you need to head-down to your local farmer's market. Orange has two, regularly scheduled markets available to the public. The Old Towne Farmer's Market is now located at the corner of West Palm and North Cypress, every Saturday (see their calendar for updates). If you need a little mid-week shopping, visit The Village at Orange Farmer's Market for some great deals and good health. Don't forget to bring your reusable tote bag. We'll see you there!

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Your Amazing Kids

We’d like to applaud the more than 6,100 students who attended the 12th annual Orange County Children’s Water Education Festival on April 15-16, 2008. Your support made it the largest festival of its kind in the nation. Thanks for learning how to make a difference in your environment.

In addition, the administration, teachers and students involved in the Municipal Water District of Orange County’s School Education Program should be recognized for their conservation efforts. Through this program, Orange schools have sought to empower 2,617 of the City’s K-12 students. Since 1973, the program has spread the message of water conservation to 81,993 of Orange County’s youth.

Orange would also like to recognize the 46 local kids whom have become "O.C. Water Heroes" through the Orange County Water District program by the same name. As of October 2008, 3,128 Orange County elementary students have become Water Heroes, pledging to save 20 gallons of water per day, and 1,090 have become Superheroes, pledging their savings as well as convincing their parents to pledge an additional 20 gallons each day. Congratulations to you all! And, don’t forget: we can always use more heroes. Get your friends involved. Parents interested in the program can visit the water heroes page.

Finally, Orange is pleased to support the Orange County Water Camp. In the last two years, 50 of Orange County’s finest minds have participated in three, week-long Orange County Water Camps. Here are a few of the pictures from the 2008 O.C. Water Camp, taken at the City of Orange’s water testing facility.

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Tree Lovers

The citizen-sponsored Great Clean Air Tree Planting initiative is managed by the City’s Community Services Department. The program encourages residents to place dedication trees and increase the overall canopy of trees in City parks. Volunteers planted 61 trees on October 27, 2007. Great job!!! We can always use more trees, shade, natural beauty and healthier air and water.

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Innovative Business

Depot Walk
501 thru 565 West Maple Ave.
Orange, CA 92868

Brought to you by The Olson Company, the Depot Walk project is the first multi-family housing project in California to be LEED Silver Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Its green construction and eco-friendly interiors offer both modern style and green living without sacrificing the historic charm of Old Towne's historic Santa Fe depot. Depot Walk features the first all-solar multi-family community, tank less water heaters, permeable pavement, low water use landscaping and other green design and functional elements. The housing project includes 32 units ranging from 1,277 to 2,010 square feet. Amazing job…welcome to Orange!

Continuous Coating
Corporation (CCC)

520 West Grove
Orange, CA 92865

CCC produces formed and coated steel for drywall fabrication. After installing an on-site water treatment system, they reduced their water use by 71% over a 21-month period ending in December 2006. CCC was able to conserve 28,000 gallons a day (from 39,000 gpd. to 11,000 gpd.). Thankfully, Continuous Coating is not done, yet. They are now one of four companies in all of Orange County whom have begun to participate in the Municipal Water District of Orange County’s Industrial Process Water Use Reduction Program (CII). This program provides public support for Orange County businesses and institutions intent on becoming responsible water consumers. Continuous Coatings plans to add another treatment process to recycle their wastewater by removing dissolved metals and other solids and reusing the water on-site. They expect to save an additional 8.1 million gallons annually (or 23,000 gpd.). WOW!!! You guys are amazing!

Marcel Electronics International (MEI)
130 W. Bristol Lane
Orange, CA 92865

MEI is an ISO 9001-2000 manufacturer and one of the City’s premier electronic manufacturers, specializing in printed circuit boards. They are one of four companies in all of Orange County whom have begun to participate in the Municipal Water District of Orange County’s Industrial Process Water Use Reduction Program. The program provides public support for Orange County businesses and institutions intent on becoming responsible water consumers. MEI is one of the City’s and County’s biggest water consumers. They are adding an on-site water treatment process to remove metals from their wastewater prior to disposal in the City’s sewer system. They hope to reduce their annual consumption by 51%, from 36.7 million gallons to 18.8 million gallons. Thanks for saving!

Remember, you too can be a hero. Check out our City programs to see how Orange can get you started. No cape required!

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