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Orange Goes Green!

A Guide to Green Living
in the City of Orange



What is the City Doing to Help?

Orange is the New Green!

Welcome to the Orange Goes Green! website. Whether you're a resident, business owner, or a developer, this site is your one-stop resource for "green" information specific to the Orange community.

There are many definitions of "green" and "sustainability," yet they all share a central theme:

  • an awareness of the fundamental connection between human and environmental health;
  • an appreciation for resource limitations; and
  • a commitment to uphold a community’s values and quality of life over time.

In Orange, our desire to go green and be sustainable is a desire to efficiently and responsibly manage our resources in a way that ensures community health and longevity. Directly or indirectly, our community’s future is dependent upon the health of our environment and is shaped by our everyday choices. Although going green and sustainability are global challenges, each of us can become a part of the solution by adapting and adopting better habits and practices.

Isn’t it time to change your Orange and Go Green?

Click on our “Residents" or "Business" links to find out how you can make a difference using our "green tips" and available incentives and rebates. Check out our "Hometown Heroes" page to find out who's already an "Orange Goes Green" hero (no cape required!), and visit our "What is the City Doing to Help?" page to find out how your City government is already going green!

Visit our Additional Resources page to print the Orange Goes Green flyer series, chock-full of facts, tips and other useful information.

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