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What is the City Doing to Help
Waste Reduction?

The City is actively promoting public and private waste reduction through a variety of policies and programs. Visit our Residents and Business pages to find out about programs that that can help you reduce, reuse and recycle! Also, to keep up to date with the latest news and waste practices, please visit the City’s Solid Waste and Recycling page.

The City takes waste seriously. Proper waste management is everyone’s responsibility, and we hold ourselves to the same standard. Like all responsible organizations and individuals, we strive to reduce waste and recycle whenever possible. All public buildings provide recycle containers, and the City educates its employees on responsible waste practices.

Orange also encourages recycling for all of the City’s special events. For example, prior to the 3rd of July, Treats In The Streets and the Tree Lighting Celebration events the City informs vendors about proper waste and recycling practices.

In addition to our existing recycling efforts, the Orange Civic Center will soon begin the first trial test of a Big Belly Solar Compactor(shown right), which includes a number of green features, such as a dual recycle bin and solar trash compactor to reduce the footprint (or size) of waste generated, a recyclable battery, and low-VOC material construction, as well as appropriate public safety features. Boston, Massachusetts, has had promising results since they introduced the Big Belly to the public in 2008. We look forward to similar success.

Orange is also committed to xeriscaping and green waste recycle programs. The City has sought to conserve water and minimize excess green waste with drought tolerant planting along several City medians and landscaped areas. Grasscycling programs continue to support and beautify Orange's 200+ acres of public park space and 90% of turf area at Orange public schools (252 acres).

Orange has also adopted a construction waste ordinance. Recyclable construction waste (such as wood and plumbing scraps or asphalt) from City construction projects is sent to a recycling facility for reuse instead of disposed of in a landfill.

Get informed with Our Orange, your quarterly, community newsletter. The "Environmental News" section will give you a slice of green information, keeping you "in the know"!

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