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What is the City Doing to Help
Energy Resourcefulness?

The City of Orange and Southern California Edison (SCE) are actively promoting public and private energy efficiency through a variety of policies and programs. Here are a few of our favorites.

Visit Orange’s Energy Efficiency Services page! In 2010, the City of Orange was awarded Federal funding through an Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) and launched its Energy Efficiency Services (EES). The program goal is to improve public awareness of energy and greenhouse gas emissions savings that can result from making energy efficient building upgrades. EES matrices will help you measure the actual energy efficiency improvement from old equipment to new, so you know the true value of your purchase. The voluntary surveys also help us to track City-wide energy savings from building upgrades throughout the City. We hope our efforts will serve as a model for other agencies in the Southland and State, improving overall conservation efforts everywhere. Click-on-over to see how much you can save!

In 2009, the City's Orange Code Academy II was a hit! The Code Academy is a training program conducted by the City’s Building & Safety Division. This FREE program held annually is open to interested contractors, architects, developers and the entire public. In 2009, the Code Academy focused on new State Energy Codes and Green Building Standards. The new Energy Code goes into effect in 2009 while the Green Building Standards become effective in 2010 through 2011. The City enforces these State standards through our building permit system.

For additional information, please call the Building department at 714-744-7200 or e-mail kkinsler@cityoforange.org.

The City has also undertaken the retrofit of City traffic signal lights to energy efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs). The replacement program began in April 2001. Southern California Edison provided funding. To date, all green and red traffic lights and 50% of the yellow indicators have been converted to LEDs saving the City 75% of its former traffic signal energy demand. It also saves the City in replacement costs, as LEDs require replacement once every seven years as opposed to incandescent lamps every one to two years.

In addition, Orange has consulted SCE’s energy auditing services, the first step toward improving energy efficiency for the City’s public buildings.

Edison is also launching the SmartConnect advanced metering system in 2009. They are currently trial testing the new, award winning conservation program, which plans to replace 5 million electric meters by the end of 2012. The new meters allow customers with demands below 200kW to savemoney and energy through demand response options and time-differentiated rates. SCE expects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 365,000 metric tons per year with this effort, a goal equivalent to pulling 66,000 cars off of the road. Visit Southern California Edison for more information on the SmartConnect Program.

Did you know SCE offers FREE On-line Energy Surveys and provides immediate customized reports? Visit our Residents and Business pages for more information about rebates and incentives.

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