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What is the City Doing to Help
Air Quality?

The City is actively promoting public and private action for cleaner, healthier air through a variety of policies and programs. Here are a few of our favorites.

The City is partnering with Southern California Edison to become “PEV Ready”. Southern California communities have been selected by major automotive manufacturers to be among the first regions in the country to serve as the initial market launch sites for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs). To encourage Orange residents to purchase PEV’s, the City offers a streamlined building permit process for permits and inspections for PEV electrical upgrades. Are you thinking about buying an electric vehicle? Learn more from Southern California Edison. Looking for charging locations? Check out GoElectricDrive.com.

On nearly all major arterials, the City has installed a fiber optics system that is designed to help with the flow of traffic by changing traffic signals based on traffic volume and time of day. These efforts are designed to minimize car idling and the added pollution caused by idling vehicles.

The City remains committed to the continuation of bike trail construction as a means of producing routes which can assist bicycle commuters and provide alternative ways to reach City destinations. Bike trails take vehicles off the road, reducing pollution. The City is constructing a bike trail along Santiago Creek. When complete, it will allow bicyclists to bike along Santiago Creek from Cannon Street at Santiago Canyon Road in the City of Orange to the Discovery Science Center/Main Place Mall in the City of Santa Ana.

The City uses an alternative fuel street sweeper to cut down on City vehicle emissions.

The City offers a Trip Reduction Program to its employees offering additional vacation time and other incentives to City employees who walk, bike, use mass transit or low emissions vehicles to get to work.

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