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What is the City Doing to Help?

Your City government is already implementing a number of environmentally responsible programs and everyday practices. Visit our City "green pages" to find out more about all the ways Orange has already gone green!

Finding Stride

In 2010, the City expanded its energy conservation efforts by launching its Energy Efficiency Services (EES) Program. After successfully securing federal Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program funding, the Building Division staff developed a series of formulas, questionnaires, calculators and an interactive website, which allows users to estimate energy savings from building upgrades, like changing out windows, water heaters, or insulation to a more energy efficient variety. The City uses these “matrices” to track energy savings from our own energy efficiency projects and is developing the first City-managed energy savings inventory throughout Orange. Whether you are a resident or business, please fill-out the Main EES Questionnaire and let us help you make the best cost and energy saving decisions possible.

In addition, on February 10, 2009, the Orange City Council adopted the Orange Goes Green! Program. This program outlines City policies and actions aimed at guiding Orange toward more resource efficient, environmentally responsible planning, development and operations. The green program focuses on:

  • Public Information and Outreach;
  • City Planning and Development Policy;
  • City Facilities and Operations; and
  • Private Development Incentives.

In 2009, the City held Orange Code Academy II focusing on the new energy and green building standards which will be incorporated into the California Building Code in the coming months. The Code Academy also included workshops on City waste management and water conservation programs, and utility provider rebates and City incentives available to Orange residents and businesses.

To set the example, the City has adopted a policy that new public buildings and retrofits (greater than 10,000 square feet) will be designed to meet the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building standards, provided that the decision is fiscally responsible considering the environmental benefit, up-front cost and long-term cost savings. In addition, City staff are evaluating our purchasing, maintenance and fleet policies and will be making changes to incorporate greener practices.

To encourage others to "build green", starting in July 2009, the City is offering "Priority Processing" for planning entitlement and building permits for new third-party certified green buildings in Orange, and for eligible "green upgrades" to existing buildings. The City is also offering a Local Recognition Program whereby "green" projects will be recognized and promoted by the City as an example of environmentally responsible development in Orange. Find your local Hometown Heroes and visit our Residents and Business pages for more information about incentives and rebates.

For more information on the Orange Goes Green! Program and its status, please contact the City’s Community Development Department at (714) 744-7220.

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