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GREEN Business is Good Business!

The City of Orange encourages businesses to implement environmentally friendly practices and policies that promote resource efficiency and a healthy indoor environment in the workplace. Green practices have a number of useful benefits. Energy, water, and waste efficient practices reduce utility bills, waste disposal costs, and building maintenance costs. A more comfortable and healthy indoor environment can reduce insurance and sick leave expenses, and increase overall employee efficiency and output.

Don't forget:_ Going "green" can give a company or product an "edge" in a tough market, and in some sectors, "green" is becoming a consumer expectation.

Help Orange preserve our community’s health, economic viability, and longevity. Check out our "green pages" for more tips, rebates and incentives information to help your business Go Green.

Positive Change Is Good Business

Isn’t today a good time for your organization to Go-Green? Here are some suggestions to get you started.

  • Revise your purchasing policies to favor green-minded products. For example, purchase office supplies that are recyclable and/or contain recycled content. Institute a lamp-purchasing program specifying lamps that contain less than 80 picograms of mercury per lumen hour of light output. Visit the Additional Resources – Cool Tools for other helpful tools.
  • Ensure that all cleaning practices employ environmentally friendly, low toxicity products, including any necessary training for facilities and maintenance staff.
  • When selecting healthier alternative products, look for products labeled as non-toxic, non-petroleum based, water-based, free of ammonia, phosphates, dye or perfume and packaging in readily biodegradable and recycled-content containers, OR look for products certified as environmentally preferable by government or third party organizations such as:
  • Adjust the thermostat to lower heating and cooling bills, while maintaining a temperature that is comfortable for building occupants. Unplug equipment not in use, and turn off lights and electronics when you leave for the day.
  • Minimize your chemical expense and packaging waste by installing portion control devices, such as mechanical dispensers. Favor pump-sprays over aerosols, which contain propellants.
  • Eliminate unnecessary product packaging for your end-product(s) and request less packaging from your supplier.
  • Institute a recycling and waste education program for your employees and provide them with proper bins.
  • Locating to a new building? Consider a certified green building!

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