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A Combination Building Inspector inspects all construction in the city (building, electrical, plumbing and heating systems).


Depending on the type and extent of the work, the following minimum inspections are required:


  • Foundations Inspection: To be performed after excavation for footings are complete, and all form boards are in place. Also, required anchor bolts and steel reinforcements to be set in place prior to pouring concrete.


  • Under-Concrete-Slab or Under Floor:  Any electrical or plumbing systems to be placed underneath concrete slabs, or beneath the wood floors must be inspected prior to placing cement or floor sheathing. Any raised foundation systems must have the floor joist and girders inspected prior to installing floor sheathing.


  • Under Floor Insulation or Vapor Barriers for Concrete Slab:  Under floor insulation for raised foundations must be inspected prior to installing sub-floors. Moisture vapor barrier must be inspected for slabs prior to pouring concrete.


  • Rough Electrical, Plumbing and Heating:  The electrical, plumbing and heating systems must be installed and approved prior to framing inspection.


  • Framing Inspection:  To be performed after the roof framing, wall framing, fire blocking, wall bracing, doors, windows, flashings, attic/ floor vents, and chimneys are complete.


  • Energy and Insulation Inspections:  In addition to the framing inspection, all insulation, windows, electrical, plumbing and heating systems must meet the energy requirements according to the energy calculations submitted with the approved plans. DO NOT REMOVE MANUFACTURE LABLES ON WINDOWS until the inspection approvals are given. All insulation and caulking must be inspected and approved prior to concealing.


  • Lath and Drywall Inspection:  To be performed after all lath and drywall is in place but before any plaster is applied or before gypsum wallboard joints and fasteners are taped and finished.


  • Final Inspection: Final inspection is required when the work is completed. The sign-off is the last step prior to issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (CFO) on brand new construction. Additional department (i.e. Planning, Fire, or Public Works) finals may be required prior to building final.






A request for an inspection must be made with a ONE-DAY ADVANCE NOTICE. For next day inspections, calls must be in before 5PM the previous day during city business hours.


You may call the office or leave a message on the inspection request line at (714) 744-7216 24-hours a day. Please have the permit number, job address, and the type of inspection that is to be performed


NO EXACT TIME for an inspection can be requested or given. On the inspection day, you may contact the inspector(s) at (714) 744-7200 between the hours of 8:00AM and 8:30AM.  Inspector(s) can generally give a two-hour window time frame.






At all times during the construction, the approved plans and yellow permit card must be available to the inspector during the inspection. NO INSPECTION(S) will be conducted without the city approved set on-site.


The inspector must be provided with full access to the construction area. Inspectors will not attempt to enter a house with no one home. If the house is occupied, no inspector will enter if no one of legal age is home. 


Construction must be built according to the city approved plans. Any deviations from the approved set may delay your project and inspections. Any construction changes to an engineered plan will require the Engineer of Record to be notified. New submittals for any changes will require plan check review.





Please be respectful and courteous to your neighbors. Construction hours are from 7AM to 8PM, Monday through Saturday. No construction is allowed on Sundays and federal holidays. Complaints will be referred to the Orange Police Department and you may be cited.


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