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City of Orange Strategic Plan 2008-2013

In January 2008, the City Council adopted a comprehensive Strategic Plan that will serve as a vision for the organization in how the City delivers services to its residents, businesses and visitors.The intent of such a plan is to define the purpose of the organization, establish realistic goals and objectives, present a vision of success that will guide the ongoing direction of the organization, and help to ensure the most effective use of City resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities.

The preparation of the plan included extensive involvement from the City Council, City Manager, Department Directors and many representatives from all City departments.As part of this effort, several workshops were conducted and two City Council Study Sessions were held.A driving force behind the preparation of the plan was a subcommittee of Department Directors and included extensive involvement from many City employees.

The Strategic Plan will become a guiding force in the preparation of the City’s annual Operating and Capital Improvement Budget.Consequently, the annual Workplans included in the City’s budget will be used to identify the specific actions and initiatives that will be undertaken in pursuit of the Strategic Plan and its Goals and Strategies.As such, the specific actions and initiatives of the Strategic Plan will be updated annually with the adoption of the City’s Budget.

City of Orange 2008-2013 Brochure (PDF - 8MB).


The City of Orange is committed to excellent service for our residents, businesses and visitors.


As an organization, the City of Orange is the leader in delivering the highest level of service to meet current and future needs of the community.


TEAMWORK: Working together to achieve common goals

Defining qualities:





INTEGRITY: Committed to the highest standard of moral and ethical conduct

Defining qualities:





EXCELLENCE: Demanding the best from ourselves and others

Defining qualities:






1. Provide for a safe community


a) Provide staffing and resources to deliver services that ensure public safety.

b) Provide and maintain infrastructure necessary to ensure the safety of the public.

c) Enhance the emergency management system to provide public safety during times of disaster.

d) Assure the development of the City occurs in a fashion that maximizes public safety.

e) Develop and implement effective community outreach services and programs to promote public safety.

2. Be a fiscally healthy community


a) Expend fiscal resources responsibly.

b) Analyze future fiscal needs and potential revenue opportunities.

c) Provide appropriate reserves.

d) Effectively manage and develop City assets.

e) Create an environment to attract, retain and expand economic opportunities.

3. Enhance and promote quality of life in the community


a) Refurbish, maintain, develop and/or expand public use places and spaces.

b) Deliver high quality and safe recreational, social, environmental, educational and cultural services.

c) Support and enhance attractive, diverse living environments.

d) Maintain and improve multi-modal transportation throughout the City.

e) Develop and strengthen collaborative partnerships to enhance and promote quality of life programs, projects, and services.

4. Provide outstanding public service


a) Obtain, implement and evaluate public input into our services and programs.

b) Provide facilities and services to meet customer expectations.

c) Enhance technology to improve public accessibility to information and services.

d) Foster an environment of leadership, teamwork and innovation.

e) Attract, retain and develop quality employees.

5. Recognize, promote and preserve Orange’s rich heritage


a) Identify and develop information on areas of historic value.

b) Expand and strengthen processes and practices related to protection and cultural resources.

c) Increase activities, programs, and projects including partnerships with organizations sharing interest in Orange’s unique history.

d) Celebrate Orange’s rich heritage.

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