Business License Account Login

Welcome to Business License Online, the easy, convenient, and secure method to renew your business license or do any of the following actions: 

Use the following link, Business License Account Login, to:
  • Renew your business license
  • Update your account information
  • Pay an outstanding balance
  • Reprint your Renewal Notice
  • Print your License Certificate 

You Cannot Renew Online If:

  • Important information such as a resale number, driver's license number, Tax ID number, or State License number is missing from your account, or other information is needed
  • You are tax exempt
  • Your account is more than six months delinquent
Read the FAQs for more information about this service, or about how to obtain a Security Code. When paying online you may use either Visa or MasterCard for your payment.

Getting Started:

You will need:
  • Business License Account number
  • Security Code from your Renewal Notice (find it under "Total Due")

$4.00 Fee required by the State of California

Governor Brown recently signed into law Assembly Bill 1379, requiring cities to increase the State Mandated Fee from $1.00 to $4.00. This fee is added to all Business License Renewals. The new fee was implemented January 1, 2018.