Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi is available at all Orange Public Library locations until ten minutes prior to closing.  Hours vary by location, so be sure to check our hours of operation.  There is no charge for Wi-Fi.
The Basics
You will need a Wi-Fi enabled mobile device such as a laptop, tablet, iPad or Smartphone.  Some power outlets are available in the Library, but we suggest that your device be fully charged before visiting.  For safety reasons, we do not allow charging cables to run along the floor where people may trip over them.


The Library’s Wi-Fi is filtered.  If you need unfiltered access, you will need to log on to one of our wired Internet computers.


Printing is not available from Wi-Fi; however you may print from a wired Internet computer.  Simply save your files to a USB drive, cloud storage, or send as an attachment to a web-accessible email account, and then login to a wired computer to access and print.  Black and white prints cost $.15 per page and color prints cost $.35 cents per page.  Note: Library computers are not capable of opening all file types.

Is the Wi-Fi private and secure?

The City’s Wi-Fi is not encrypted.  You should be aware that information sent wirelessly may be intercepted and seen by others.  Protect your data when using any public wireless network, and avoid transmitting credit card or other sensitive information.